Morning Star Public Meeting to Commemorate the Peterloo and Amritsar Massacres

As we know, this year marks 200 years since that day when unarmed and peaceful demonstrators were attacked in Manchester by armed troops while demanding the right to vote, leading to the deaths and   injury of many completely innocent people.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      We commemorate Peterloo, not only because it was a  historic event of both national and local significance, but because we recognise its relevance today in a long  struggle for the rights of the many against the power of the few, for democratic, social and economic emancipation.
After all, we are still under attack from a government of the same party that was in power all those decades ago.

And there has never been an official apology.

But this year also marks the 100th anniversary of the massacre in   Amritsar, India, when an estimated 2000 people were murdered in one of the single worst atrocities committed in the shameful history of British  colonial rule.

And in spite of widespread recognition and admittance in British ruling class circles that this was a monstrous crime, again, there has never been an official apology, the demand for which  we add our voices to .
Greater Manchester Morning Star readers and supporters have   organised this meeting because we believe that the responsibility of our ruling class for injustice here and around the world, now and over the centuries has to be recognised, as does the need for unity in struggle of people against injustice.

Joginder Bains has played a leading role in the campaign to educate  people about this atrocity and to demand that apology from our  government.

The meeting will also feature a local Labour councillor and a speaker from the local branch of he Communist Party.