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Wednesday, 29 November 2017


“The Communist Party of Britain sends its solidarity to the Communist Party of Poland in face of the trial recommencing on 27 November which threatens your members with heavy prison sentences for seeking to disseminate Communist ideas. We are writing to the Polish Embassy in London with the following statement that will also be published our our website and in the daily paper the Morning Star. 

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"Communists in Britain condemn the trial of the Communist Party of Poland for distributing materials that seek to win support for a socialist system of society in their country.

We understand that those accused now face long prison sentences if convicted. 

We ask the government of Poland to note that this prosecution, the result of its own legislation, is a direct violation of the principles of the European Convention on Human Rights on freedoms of thought and expression. 

We are also asking our own government to condemn this trial and to use its current position on the EU Council of Ministers to demand that the EU Council end its shameful silence on this prosecution and instead defends the principles of the European Court of Human Rights'.”

Friday, 24 November 2017

Morning Star Public Meeting Stockport Thursday 30th November

Morning Star supporters in Greater Manchester have organised a public meeting to take place at Stockport Labour Club at 7pm next Thursday.

The subject will be Challenging Bias Against the Labour and Trade Union Movement in the Media.


Steve Sweeney, Morning Star Journalist

Dawn Taylor, National Education Union

Granville Willians, Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom

Paul Kelly, National Union of Mineworkers.


Sheila Townsend, local Labour Party and peace activist.

Greater Manchester Communist AGM Monday 27th November 7pm.

Our 2017 AGM takes place this coming Monday at the Friends' Meeting House, Mount Street, Manchester (behind Central Library).

All members of the Party in the Greater Manchester and immediately surrounding area are invited to attend (or send apologies) as are supporters of the Party with a serious interest in joining.

We will be electing the Branch Committee for the next year and nominations will be take on the night.

Thursday, 5 October 2017

North West Communists to Celebrate the Centenary of the Bolshevik Revolution

On Saturday 18th November the North West District of the Communist Party will hold a public meeting to celebrate the event which led to the creation of the world's first socialist state.

Appropriately the event will  take place in the Working Class Movement Library, inspired and built by  Manchester Communists Ruth and Eddie Frow, situated close to Salford's border with Manchester, a city twinned with the place which was the cradle of the Russian Revolution, then called Petrograd, now St Petersburg.

The meeting will start at 1.30pm am and will include a speaker from the national leadership of the Communist Party as well as international speakers to reflect the international character of the revolution and its influences and effects.

There will also be film, entertainment and refreshments.

Further details to follow.

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Celebrate the Life of George Brown, Communist and International Brigade Volunteer. Manchester Sat 30th September 2-4pm

Greater Manchester Communists and comrades and friends from the International Brigade Memorial Trust and other groups are holding this meeting to recognise the sacrifices of those, including many Communists and others from this area who went to Spain to fight fascism.

George Brown,who had connections with both Manchester and Ireland, fell in battle in July 1937 and we particularly wish to honour his memory.

Bolton Socialist Choir will be performing and we will have readings from grandchildren of volunteers, as well as guests from Ireland.

All those who want to celebrate internationalism and anti-fascism are welcome.

Venue: Waldorf Pub, 12 Gore Street M1 3AQ just off London Road, close to Piccadilly Station, Manchester.

Regrettably we were unable to obtain a suitable affordable venue with disabled access

Meeting to Congratulate the Prague to Berlin Cyclists Monday 2nd October at Droylesden Library 6.15-7.45 PM

Earlier this summer a number of comrades took part in a cycle ride from Prague to Berlin on the historic and gruelling route of the of the former Peace Race 1948-2006, the largest amateur road race developed to promote peace and co-operation in the aftermath of the victory against fascism.

Their three-day challenge started in central Prague went right to the heart of Berlin, completing the tour at the site of the Soviet war memorial in Treptow Park. 

That’s a total of 350km in the saddle, all in support of the people’s paper.

This year they carried a simple message: “No to Nato, Yes to peace!” Those original riders of the once great race were our couriers of socialism and our present day comrades celebrated that in the best way they knew how.

Come and meet some of those who took part, including an international guest, a young German comrade, and congratulate them for their efforts and for the money raised for the Morning Star!

Meeting organised by Greater Manchester and Merseyside Morning Star Supporters.