Solidarity with the RMT No to Driver Only Trains No to Fascist Thugs!

This Saturday, 12th January 2019, hundreds of trade unionists and other anti fascists attended a rally in support of striking RMT members at Victoria Station to support their campaign of industrial action againsi driver only trains and in respose to the disgusting attack by fascists which they were subject to the week before,and which amongst other outrages, saw an Asian picket accused of being a paedophile groomer simply because of his ethnicity.

Those attending included activists from Unite, PCS, Unison, Stand up to Racism, Manchester and Salford Trades Councils and Labour Party members including Manchester city councillors. A number of people attended from other parts of the North West and wider. One of those addressing the rally was Steve Hedley, RMT assistant general secretary who himself was assaulted by fascists last year in London.

Communist Party and Young Communist League members were also present and a leaflet given out (see below).