Thursday, 25 May 2017

Irish Communist Leader Speaks in Manchester on a People's Exit from the EU. Monday 19th June 2017

Eugene McCartan, General Secretary of the Communist Party of Ireland, will address a meeting organised by Greater Manchester Branch of the Communist Party of Britain at 6.30pm on Monday 19th June 2017 at the Friend's Meeting House in Manchester.

Like ourselves and Communists in countries across Europe, the CPI, (which organises on an all-Ireland basis) recognises the European Union as a reactionary obstacle to progress, in terms of defence against austerity, or a serious attempt to build our economies in the interests of the majority, including by ending and reversing privatisation and controlling the activities of the finance sector. It is also a an obstacle to popular and national sovereignty.

Like Cyprus, Portugal and Spain , the Irish Republic is also one of the areas of Europe that has been worst affected by the ravages of EU-imposed austerity.

This meeting is a must for anyone who is interested in how we now proceed to leave the EU on the basis of the interests of the people, not the bankers.

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