Sunday, 19 March 2017

Commemorate the life of Helen McFarlane Morning Star Fundraising Event Sunday 2nd April 157th year of her death

Organised by Greater Manchester Morning Star Readers' and Supporters' Group.

Helen MacFarlane: 


Meet: Farmers Arms, Marsh Lane, Ravensmoor Nr. Nantwich CW5 8PN 11am 

Walk 1 hour or so to St. Martin's Church CW5 8EY-

Proceeds in her name to Morning Star Fighting Fund

Helen MacFarlane came from a privileged Scottish Mill owning family where her early education would be of benefit to her as time progressed. 

Within weeks of her father’s death the Mill, famous for its Turkey Red bandanas, closed. Within time they left their crescented home.

Helen eventually found herself in Vienna during the revolt against the Habsburgs. Knowing Marx & Engels, her writings were read during the years of the Chartists ( under a nom de plume) in the Red Republican & Democrat papers. 

Helen was very critical of the established church in her early scripts, which would deem to be ironic in later years. Marriage ended in tragedy for Helen, however rebuilding her life would have been challenging. It is recorded (Blue Plaque) as living in Burnley, Lancashire; where at some point she met her future husband a 51 years of age Minister of the established church, who had been widowed with a grown up family. 

Helen , who had visited the major cities of Europe, where she had met the revolutionary thinkers of that time, was brought to a Cheshire “backwater” to be mistress of a huge ministerial home, which is to be seen to this day. 

Helen died at the age of 41 from pneumonia embraced in the arms of the church to-which she had written so critically years previously.

Helen was lost to history, as with many of these revolutionary women of Victorian society until David Black succeeded in locating her resting place. There are no known photographs of her.

Helen  was responsible for translating from the German into English The Communist Manifesto.

A wreath will be laid & dedication will be made at her graveside.

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