Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Harry Pollitt: His life and legacy

On the 124th anniversary of his birth we meet to celebrate the life of Harry Pollitt. Communist, boilermaker and working class Lancashire lad. Born in humble circumstances to a blacksmith's striker and a cotton spinner, Harry rose to national prominence as General Secretary of the Communist Party of Great Britain during the time of the Kinder Scout trespass, the battle of Cable street, the international brigade and the Second World War. He narrowly missed out on being elected to parliament in 1945. Featured on a Soviet stamp, he even had a warship named after him. Kidnapped, imprisoned and blacklisted Harry suffered for his socialist and union activism. His story takes us from Greater Manchester to war torn Spain, Russia and China. An inspirational figure whose story and example needs to be remembered and celebrated in order to encourage young working class kids today to follow his example.

Speakers include:

Kevin Morgan-University of Manchester professor and biographer of Harry Pollitt

David Ayrton-Marx Memorial Library Tutor and NUJ

Unfortunately Harry's son Brian wanted to be with us but is unable to due to ill health.

All speakers are here in a personal capacity.

Chair; Adam White Longdendale councillor and Unite rep. Introduction from George Waterhouse, RMT rep and 2014 winner TUC congress award for youth.

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