Sunday, 30 October 2011

Morning Star conference: Our day to fight back

MPs and Union activists came together at the weekend to build the alternative to the government's deeply damaging cuts agenda.

Civil Service union PCS regional organiser Peter Middleman told the Morning Star North West conference that the November 30 strikes are the "next and most significant stage of the resistance."

Activists from across the region came together in Salford, Greater Manchester to talk about Building the Alternative, with attendees united in their belief that trade unions, community organisations and the role of the Morning Star were key in winning the ongoing battles.

Mr Middleman praised "the often maligned TUC for its role in bringing together the unions" for this day of action.

Tax Justice Network spokesman Professor Prem Sikka said that a vast network of accountants was being "rewarded for financial engineering and not real engineering" but that allowing all tax returns to be published would help to cast light on this secretive industry.

Labour MP Michael Meacher said that the "government was seeing the crisis as an opportunity for them" to impose ideological attacks on workers and that itshould be taking control of the banks so that they are run for the benefit of people.

This article appeared in the Morning Star on the 24th October 2011

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