Friday, 21 October 2011

EVENT: Pensions Campaign Week

Salford Pensioners Convention will hold a picket and lobby @Media City

They aim to draw attention to the age discrimination that pensioners have received from the BBC's flagship politics show "Question Time." 

Join them at 5pm Friday 28th October 
Main Entrance - Media City (main reception area) 

"Then we were told our representatives wouldn't be able to cope with the lights and the stress of a live broadcast. It's ridiculous and condescending and smacks of ageism." – Dot Gibson 

Click here to see guardian article on Pensioners protesting against Question Time. 
For over two years, the NPC has been campaigning to secure a slot on the BBC’s flagship political programme, Question Time. Their argument remains a simple one: Britain’s biggest and most representative pensioners’ organisation should have the opportunity to appear on Question Time so that they can express the views and concerns of millions of older people. 

Over the last few months, they have been leafleting the audience as they go into the programme, as it travels around the country. This will continue, but in the meantime they are asking supporters to send polite requests for the NPC to be invited onto the show and

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