Tuesday, 12 July 2011

NEWS: CPB launch new branch in Preston & Fylde

The Preston & Fylde Branch of the C.P.B. was successfully re-launched last night (Mon: 11-7-11), at a meeting well attended by local members, supporters and Comrades from our neighbouring branch in Manchester. We would like to state our appreciation for the their continued support; including Comrades from Lancaster. Our Guest Speaker was Ray Walker, Nth West delegate to the Executive Committee.

Ray gave a brief analysis of the recent disclosures regarding the Murdoch Empire and the aggressive attacks on Public Services. He went on to make the point that they were signs of the corrupting influence of Capitalism; and he noted the continuing joint protests and other activities of the Trade Unions and the TUC.

The meeting discussed various points of Comrade Walker’s Report along with other issues. These cuts are seen as direct attacks upon the entire Working Class; as well as the most vulnerable members of Society.

The Tories again failed to win a clear majority in 2010, and having cheated the voters of a second General Election, this dubious Coalition are now acting with no moral compass; or mandate from the People. Given the chance of that second Election, it is likely that this Government OF and FOR the wealthy would be swept away. We support the efforts of the Trade Unions and T.U.C.; and now invite New Labour to re-engage with it’s Socialist origins, Trade Union founders, and grass-root supporters.

A motion was agreed to re-launch the Preston & Fylde branch - CPB and to apply to the E.C. for official ratification. It was agreed to elect the following ‘Acting Officers’; again- subject to ratification by the Party.

Chair- G.B.
Vice-Chair A.W.
Secretary- J.H.
Minute Secretary- J.J.
And following a donation…
Treasurer- A.J.

It was agreed future meeting be held on 2nd Mondays of the month.

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