Friday, 27 May 2011

EVENT: Manchester UKUncut Day of NHS Action

12.30pm 28 May, Piccadilly Gardens.

Assemble from 11.30 

Come join us to pay a peaceful visit to those well known high street names. Bring bandages, fake blood, toy stethoscopes, white coats, nurses outfits….. This nasty Condem government thinks our NHS is for sale. We are here to tell them its not! This situation has been allowed to happen by the ConDem government, keen once again, to sell off a national treasure. 

Government advisors are now openly admitting to large American private companies, that the proposed NHS reforms will make them large profit. Our continued health is not for the profit of large companies. So on the 28th, we will not be forgetting that tax coffers which fund the NHS, are being drained by large tax dodging companies, who year after year find new slippery ways to dodge tax. Or nowadays, just ask George Osborne for a handout. 

Not to mention the greedy banks asking for bailout handouts with no regard to the effect on our society, our country and our NHS. Most importantly being some costs of the running the NHS compared to the corporate welfare handed out to bankers and corporations. This is a peaceful protest aimed to engaged the public in what is an essential service to everyone

This message was sent from UK Uncut in Manchester

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