Tuesday, 12 April 2011

EVENT: Report from last weekends stall

Was it the weather of the quality of our message?

A brilliant day in every sense of the word. Three comrades set up the stall at 11.30am and were shortly joined by two others, then a fleeting visit from another making preparations for a trip to Cuba.

There was quite a carnival atmosphere with lots of stalls about and people enjoying the sun and the fountains in Piccadilly Gardens. We got lots of positive interest from people and sold 15 Morning Stars and 6 pamphlets [all different titles]. We gave out 300 leaflets and had discussions with people about the GDR, communism, anarchism, the royals, Cuba, etc.

We met a member who has just transferred in from Hackney branch. Several people showed interest in our public meeting.

I do hope you can join us next week.

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