Sunday, 17 September 2017

Meeting to Congratulate the Prague to Berlin Cyclists Monday 2nd October at Droylesden Library 6.15-7.45 PM

Earlier this summer a number of comrades took part in a cycle ride from Prague to Berlin on the historic and gruelling route of the of the former Peace Race 1948-2006, the largest amateur road race developed to promote peace and co-operation in the aftermath of the victory against fascism.

Their three-day challenge started in central Prague went right to the heart of Berlin, completing the tour at the site of the Soviet war memorial in Treptow Park. 

That’s a total of 350km in the saddle, all in support of the people’s paper.

This year they carried a simple message: “No to Nato, Yes to peace!” Those original riders of the once great race were our couriers of socialism and our present day comrades celebrated that in the best way they knew how.

Come and meet some of those who took part, including an international guest, a young German comrade, and congratulate them for their efforts and for the money raised for the Morning Star!

Meeting organised by Greater Manchester and Merseyside Morning Star Supporters.

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