Saturday, 19 November 2011

Morning Star: URGENT

As you may already be aware, the Star has found itself in significant financial difficulty. What this means is that the paper need to find £50,000 by Christmas in order to survive. The prospect that the world’s only daily, socialist paper could be no more in just a few weeks is something that is not worth contemplating for the labour movement, nor for our party, and its therefore vital that we rise to the challenge and do what we can to help the paper achieve its goal. You can start by making an online donation by clicking here. There are also instructions for other methods of payment. 

In addition, we have the proposed nationwide strike action to be held on the 30th November. As we stand, every single union balloted has voted overwhelmingly to back industrial action against changes to public sector pensions and we therefore have the prospect of the biggest industrial mobilisation in our lifetimes, with teachers, civil servants, council workers amongst those demonstrating. This is an opportunity for us, as members and supporters of the Communist Party to publicise the Morning Star. I understand from an article I read yesterday  that copies will, like the London demonstration in March, be provided for free by the trade unions. There are demonstrations taking place across the region in Manchester, Oldham, Bolton and possibly Bury. If you are available to distribute copies, please contact Jason Cook at who is coordinating this effort. 

Both these issues will be discussed at the upcoming Morning Star Readers and Supporters Group meeting which is THIS Monday, the 21st November, and also at our CP Branch meeting the following weeks on the 28th November. If you have any suggestions as to ways which we can raise money for the Star, please forward them to and I will collate them prior to both meetings

Matt Brierley on behalf of the Greater Manchester branch of the Communist Party of Britain

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