Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Candle lit Alternative Remembrance

This year, Remembrance Day for members of the armed forces killed in war since World War I is on the tenth anniversary of the invasion of Afghanistan. It is an opportunity to give voice to the majority opinion in Britain that want all the troops to come home from Afghanistan so that no more are made to risk their lives in a failing war in which Afghan civilians and invading soldiers are being killed at a higher rate that any time since the invasion in 2001.

We will hold candles and wear and lay white poppies.while naming some of those, both military and civilian that have died in Afghanistan.

We have a great tradition for campaigning for peace in Manchester and Stop the War and CND invites everyone who would like to light a candle for those that have died in senseless wars and see an end to the occupation of Afghanistan.

We will gather at the war memorial light candles on Friday November 11, 5.30pm St Peters Square, Peace Gardens, Manchester, both to remember and to organise with distribution of our petition. We are providing vigil candles and white poppies.

Please help publicise this event by inviting your friends here

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