To purchase publications from the Party, you can go to the National website, or attend a Branch meeting where we can provide an extensive collection of pamphlets


What We Stand For
For a bite-sized introduction to what the CPB is all about please take a moment to read our short 12-page pamphlet "What We Stand For".

Britain's Road To Socialism
For a more detailed look at the CPB, it's history, theory and policies, please take a look at the official party programme, "Britain's Road to Socialism".

Introducing Marxism
Learn the basic concepts of Marxist theory in under an hour with the CPB's 30-page "Introducing Marxim" study course.


The Principles of Communism - Engels
The Communist Manifesto - Marx
The Three Sources and Component Parts of Marxism - Lenin
On the Theory of Value - Eleanor Marx
On Women and Socialism - Clara Zetkin


Wage Labour and Capital
Value, Price and Profit
Capital Vol. I
Capital Vol. II
Capital Vol. III


The State and Revolution
What is to be Done?
Left-Wing Communism, An Infantile Disorder
Imperialism - The Highest Stage of Capitalism