Sunday, 4 February 2018

Greater Manchester Communist Public Meeting on the EU Mon 5th March 2018- Note this replaces the CP Branch Meeting of 26th February

For a People’s Brexit

For Jobs and Public Services!
For Workers’ Rights!
For Democracy and Popular Sovereignty!
No Second Referendum!
No to Racist Immigration Policies!

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Neil Sharples- Wigan Rail, Maritime and Transport Union (RMT)
Mollie Brown-Communist Party Executive Committee
Joginder Bains -Indian Workers’ Association (GB)

Monday 5th March 2018 6.30pm,

Friends’ Meeting House, Mount St,  Manchester         
(Behind Central Library).

The question of exit from the EU continues to dominate the headlines.
  The Tory government is split between those who, like their friends in big business, want  to remain in the EU and those who want a brexit based on turning our country into a tax haven  
    Both sides are united in attacking our rights, particularly those of the most 
vulnerable,  exploited and oppressed, including migrant workers.
   There is pressure from liberal elements both inside and outside the 
labour and trade union  movement  to sabotage brexit, 
with calls to remain in the Single Market and demands for a second referendum.

   The Communist Party campaigned within the Lexit Campaign for Britain to 
leave the EU because we believe this to be a key requirement 
if a left government is to implement the  radical changes 
that will be necessary to restore our public services, create jobs,       
   rebuild manufacturing and resist  attempts to split our communities.

   It’s also key to extending democracy.

Whether you agree, disagree or want to know more, come and listen to the discussion, ask questions and contribute!  


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